Students will develop a basic understanding of what a storyboard is (A series of rough panel sketches outlining the order of major events in a story) and how to create one. Students will be shown examples of story boards through TV examples. This process allows them to learn about the story boarding process that is a visual interpretation of a story that depicts every action or movement of their robot. At the completion of this lesson students will be able to define “storyboard” and complete their own story board through narration and expressions.

Comments on: "Storyboarding" (8)

  1. another "student comment" said:

    ok, these icons look fun

  2. I had a great time

  3. I liked doing story boarding because I got to draw my i-puppet and color her like a cartoon artist. My favorite comic strip is the one with snoopy and charlie brown.

  4. I LOVE it I HOPE you guys enjoy IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • mykeia said:

      At first it was really boring but then it wasnt that bad

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