Students begin to attach and assemble all the robotics parts such as servos, orbs and other robotic equipment to their i-puppet. At this stage students will become aware of balance and moving parts to ensure that their i-puppets will stand properly and not become entangled by the wires. Students will begin testing their i-puppets to ensure that they are working properly.

Comments on: "Connecting Parts + Pieces" (6)

  1. janine said:

    I liked building the parts of the i-puppets,because it was very interesting. I felt like a real engineer!!Also it was very fun,it made me want to do more of it!!

    • mykeia ross said:

      ohh i really didnt get a chance to really finished so maybe thats why i didnt like it as much

  2. mykeia ross said:

    I like when we build the i-puppets and make there clothes.It was okay but i wish i had did something better.I didnt like at all.

  3. jazmier said:

    THE i} puppets is very interesting because you get to play with the,you get to trun on the light and turn them off.then,i feit like a engineer!! last, it made me want to do more of the i} puppets

  4. denntra holmes said:

    i’am learning about i-puppets. is about a girl name dayonna and she was happy at school but when the school ball rained dayonna was frowning. you can building the happyest,funnyest,sadest i-puppets. I felt so good to make a i-puppets.

  5. Makayla Findley said:

    i like the i-puppets because they are fun and you get to do a lot of stuff. when you get on the computer you get to hook up the lights and see them light up. You can make the puppet do whatever you want! and you can make them or color them and add the LED lights and servos.

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