Students are exposed to i-puppets (robots that can speak, move, and light up). Each students will gain an understanding of how they can build their own puppets using technology, engineering, and arts + crafts. The objectives are for each student to explain what an i-Puppet is, identify parts and pieces on the hummingbird, and assemble the hummingbird motherboard with little assistance.

Students will develop a basic understanding of what a storyboard is (A series of rough panel sketches outlining the order of major events in a story) and how to create one. Students will be shown examples of story boards through TV examples. This process allows them to learn about the story boarding process that is a visual interpretation of a story that depicts every action or movement of their robot. At the completion of this lesson students will be able to define “storyboard” and complete their own story board through narration and expressions.


Students will create written and oral narratives for their i-puppets. These narratives will be the story told by the i-puppets.

Students will record audio expressions – a sound recording used by the i-puppet to communicate or express itself.  The audio expressions will be computer derived or recordings of the students’ voices.

Using the design process students will begin to sketch and design their I-puppet on paper.  A master image of their i-puppet will be created by referencing pictures from their story board and narrative. This sketch will detail the image of the i- puppet movements; moving  it’s r arms, lighting up the eyes, kicking its legs. Once the master image is complete students will begin to develop an understanding of pseudo code – a step-by-step description of a computer program. Girls will complete the i-puppet Pseudo Code sheet to plan out the i-puppets movements and expressions wh

Students will begin to construct and decorate their i-puppet (not including any robotic pieces).

Students begin to attach and assemble all the robotics parts such as servos, orbs and other robotic equipment to their i-puppet. At this stage students will become aware of balance and moving parts to ensure that their i-puppets will stand properly and not become entangled by the wires. Students will begin testing their i-puppets to ensure that they are working properly.